Thursday, April 14, 2011

About this blog

Hi there,
thanks for coming by my blog. The purpose of this blog is to follow me through the perils of learning how to paint Warhammer 40k minis and also learning to play the game.

I haven't been doing this for very long just on and off for the past two years, never really focusing on it. But now I am devoting myself to the Emperor and the enemies of the Imperium. This is mainly going to be for showing off my progress and hopefully get some tips along the way. I'll be posting pics, videos, questions if any arise, and maybe even how-to videos if I get good enough.

Being how this is my first ever blog, I might even post some things that are not related to the 40K universe. I'm a big gamer and movie goer/watcher, so I might even post some reviews and stuff of the like on that matter. Check them out from time to time and post comments.

Now on to more 40K. A while back I went a lil' stir crazy and went on a shopping spree. I'm sort of an impulse buyer and normally keep in check. But on this particular week I couldn't control myself and bought a crap load of space marines. Luckily I got my money's worth and can't complain too much. What I purchased is as follows:

  • 10 man tac squad
  • 5 man MkI Veteran space marines
  • 5 man Assault sqaud
  • 5 man terminator squad
  • 1 space marine captain
  • 3 tubes of green stuff
  • crap load of brushes and paints
  • pinning drill
Loads of stuff, huh? I know but it's for a great hobby that satisfies me, especially when the minis come out awesome.

I started painting Dark Angels because I loved their look. That Gothic look is awesome. But I kind of shifted over to Blood Angels because of their play style and I love red. I am thinking of mixing them both together at one point. Anyway, I am learning how to paint by watching videos on youtube, it's incredible how one can learn anything on youtube. Got to give props to Jawaballs, Les Bursley, Girlpainting and a whole bunch of others for how great their skills and videos are.

Well thanks for reading my first post! Hope you swing by more often and check out my progress. Oh! and leave comments telling me what you think about whatever I post.